A resolution is a written motion adopted by the Assembly. Resolutions are a powerful tool to adopt and convey the official position of the GSA on important campus and UC-wide matters. The resolution may also be used to direct the GSA and its officers to adopt specific actions.

Any issue or action may be made into a resolution, ranging from more general statements of support, thanks, or protest, to more specific policy positions or recommendations for outside bodies to take action.

Recommended Format

The resolution follows a format of headings, preambular clauses (WHEREAS), and operative clauses (LET IT BE RESOLVED).

WHEREAS clauses: facts, issues, and/or actions that caused this resolution to come forth.

LET IT BE RESOLVED clause: the action you wish the GSA to take on.

Adopted Resolutions


Resolution endorsing Larry Guenther for Davis City Council: June 5th, 2018 Election

Resolution Endorsing Dean Johansson for Yolo County District Attorney in the June 5th, 2018 Election

Resolution to urge the Administration of UC Davis to disarm our current campus police forces for the betterment of the University community and the safety of its students of color.

Resolution endorsing the approval to build student housing projects: Oxford Circle and Nishi – Measure J

Resolution endorsing Eric Gudz for Davis City Council in the June 5th 2018 Davis Election

Resolution to demand justice for the student organizers that participated in the
DemocratizeUC sit-in against proposed tuition hikes, and support their actions moving

Resolution for GSA to Support UAW Local 2865 Bargaining

Resolution to demand from the University of California (UC) Davis the production of affordable on-campus housing, defined as costing no more than 30% of the tenant’s income, with diverse housing designs that are able to accommodate the different needs of undergraduate and graduate students

Resolution to add a supplementary GA meeting to discuss the Union Contract

Resolution on the Approval of University of California Graduate and Professional Coalition (UCGPC) Charter and Ratification

Resolution endorsing the approval to build the Lincoln40 Housing Project


Resolution on the Creation of a Joint ASUCD-UCD Housing Task Force
Resolution on the Creation of a UCDGSA Holistic Health Committee
Resolution Calling for a Halt in the Designation of the Next Chancellor of UC Davis until a more Transparent and Democratic Process for Selection and Appointment has been Established
Resolution for the Recognition of Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Resolution for the Full Funding of Graduate Students at UC Davis
Resolution on the Creation of a Graduate Council Policy to Allow for Disability Accommodations to Degree Requirements


Resolution on Restructuring the Administration of Graduate Groups
Resolution Endorsing Measure A, Nishi Development Project and University-Related Research Park
Resolution Endorsing H.R. 5274 The Student Loan Refinancing and Recalculating Act
Resolution Endorsing Implementation of the California Automatic Student Voter Registration Program in the University of California
Resolution on Withdrawing Investments from Companies That Violate Existing International Laws
Resolution in Support of the UCSA Student Advocacy, Governance, and Engagement (SAGE) Proposal
Resolution in Support of the UC Board of Regents’ Student Advisor Proposal


Resolution to Condemn the UC Tuition Increase Approved in the November 2014 UC Regents Meeting


Open Access Resolutions, approved by the Assembly on 6/5/13: Open Access Resolutions
In Absentia Resolution,approved by the Assembly on 5/1/13: In Absentia Resolution
Bike Paths Resolution, approved by the Assembly on 2/6/13: Bike Paths Resolution


Censure of Chancellor Katehi, approved by the Assembly on 11/30/11: Censure of Chancellor Katehi
Resolutions On the Pepper Spray Incident, approved by the Assembly on 11/30/11: Pepper Spray Resolutions
Policing Committee Resolutions, approved by the Assembly on 6/6/12: Policing Committee Resolutions